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Departments » Aging & Disability Resource Center » Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

The ADRC of Florence County believes consumers using our services have rights, responsibilities and the option to file complaints or compliments. We encourage consumers to resolve complaints informally whenever possible. A consumer may also seek internal or external advocacy for his/her situation. This information explains the rights and responsibilities consumers have when interacting with the ADRC of Florence County.

Personal Rights
* You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
* You have the right to accept or refuse any information, referrals or services from the ADRC if
you are your own legal decision maker.
* You have the right to control your life and the services you get as much as you are able.
* You have the right to inspect your personal record set and to request that it be amended.
* You have the right to reasonable accommodations when accessing assistance from the ADRC.
Such modifications can include interpreters, taped material and adaptive devices/technology.
* You have the right not to be discriminated against based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, age, current or anticipated mental or physical disability, gender orientation, genetic information or source of payment.
* You have the right to receive accurate, unbiased information and assistance.
* You have the right to be informed about programs for which you may be eligible.
* You have the right to have a functional and financial eligibility screening for publicly funded
long term care services and the right to know the outcome of the functional and financial screening.
* You have the right not to be filmed, taped or photographed without your consent.
* You have the right to file a complaint or grievance regarding any service including eligibility
determinations for Medicaid Waiver Services.
* You have the right to have your personal, medical, and financial information held confidential
and private unless otherwise specified by law.
* You have the right to accept or refuse an ADRC request for release of information. If you accept
a release of information, you have the right to specify which agencies the information will be shared
with, unless other specified by law. You have the right to terminate your release of information,
however any information shared prior to your request to terminate cannot be recalled. If you refuse
a release of information, the ADRC will be restricted in its efforts on your behalf.

Personal Responsibilities
Consumers of the ADRC of Florence County have the responsibility to:
* Treat others with respect and dignity.
* Not to engage in illegal and/or dangerous behavior that puts yourself or others at risk.
* Provide accurate and timely information about yourself and your situation to assist in the
eligibility determination process and action plan development.
* Provide any pertinent changes in your situation (address, phone, needs, income, assets) that may effect your eligibility for programs and services.
* Be an active participant in options counseling by making decisions and exploring and selecting
resources that best meet your needs.
* To notify the ADRC when you are unable to keep scheduled appointments.

Your Right to File a Complaint / Grievance or Compliment
As an ADRC customer, you have the right to register complaints / grievances or compliments regarding the services provided by the ADRC. There will be no reprisal to you for registering a complaint or grievance.

If you wish to register a complaint / grievance or compliment, please do so within 30 days of the event.

You may contact the ADRC Director, at (715) 528-4890 for more information about the complaint/grievance process.

You may file a complaint/grievance or compliment by writing, calling, faxing, or emailing to:
Aging and Disability Resource Center of Florence County, Director
PO Box 410, 501 Lake Avenue
Florence, WI 54121

Phone 715-528-4890, fax 715-528-4241
Email: adrc@co.florence.wi.us

Please include your name, name of consumer if different, your address and phone number.
Please describe your complaint or compliment. Be as specific as you can. Include any names or dates as this may help resolve your complaint. Please share how you would like to see your complaint resolved.
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